Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the sweet hols...

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... :)

   It's quite a loooong time I didn't update my blog.. miss it already. This is all because of~~
my final exam was finished on 14th April 2011.. after that I'm buzy with the preparation of HiMeGa '11.. Then when HiMeGa '11 arrived, that time was the veeerrryyy busiest period for me.. but Alhamdulillah, the programme had finished already..

   The hols that tend to be three weeks become two weeks only.. But I thought that if we appreciate every second and things we spend with our family, we shared the memories together, we will feel satisfied with the time we had with them.. now, I'm counting day by day to enter short sem..why?? simply because I started missing my friends and sahibah(s).. :)

   Ok.. I would like to share the experiences on how I fulfill my hols.. I really enjoyed it! I am not going to tell everything here.. so,  let the picta talks on behalf of me...

time bertolak ke penang.. 1 bus= 10 org je..

banjir kt lua rumah tok wan nabila..
penang bridge.. view dr feri..
laut itu biru~~
= smile =
padang kota
restoran nasi kandar yang popular
++ yummy ++
jom teroka sama2
taman negara penang
clik2 (^_~)
nak pegi mana??
nadia yg jadi driver..
char kuew teau penang mariii...
otw balik..
laksa penang

Actually, there are many places that I had visited with them too. But because of I'd spent for a long time just to update my blog, so this is more than enough.. It was a long journey with full of sweet memories and scariest things I've go through with them, (Khatijah, Nadiah and Nabilah). Every single memory I'd shared with them will remain in my heart forever... Thank you my dearest friends for making my hols interesting and exciting... Let's explore another place one day...

ok.. till meet again.. :)

Just for all my friends...

Friends are who you need the most,
When times are not so right.
They come and go so frequently,
You hope you pick one right.

The right one listens with both ears,
And soothes your aching heart.
The right one never questions you,
When you seem to fall apart.

The friend for you is one who says,
"Be calm and let me help"
For there are some real bad days,
When life hits you below the belt.

All friends are not forever,
They are few and far between,
But the few true friends you do find,
Will never, ever leave.


  1. waah penang..rindu penang..char kuew tiow miow2..hehe

  2. hehe dinah...
    best juga rupanya penang ni..
    tp x sempat jumpa rai..
    dy tgh xm...

  3. haa?? kak safi pn ada kampung kt penang ke?
    nape ana xtau..
    hehe.. :)