Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Toward Success.. Chayo!!


~final step toward success~

Yes...everybody realized that the final exam is just around the corner..
So that, I wish you all the best and make sure you work triple hard to get and grap your final goals.
You..and ONLY YOU can make the goals come true..
All and all, May Allah ease you way through it and May Allah bless you..

*best of luck!* ^_^

Last but not least, Your future depends on many things, but mostly YOURSELF!
But also remember, the true success is not only in this worldly life, but also success in hereafter.. Insya-Allah.
::: final xm schedule:
     31 mac- Foundation of Islamic Economics
      2 apr- Marketing Principle
      3 apr- UNGS 2050
      6 apr- Management Information System
    11 apr- Company Accounting
   14 apr- Cost Mangement

::: this weekend: home sweet home
::: Pray for me..

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