Wednesday, March 2, 2011

give thanks to Allah...

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Peace be upon you... I pray to Allah that He will always grants us the Most important drivers in this life, which is Hidayah. Let us always be grateful to Allah.. He never stop in giving us everything we need in our life... So, stop complaining about this and that!!

say Alhamdulillah..

 Our life is always unpredictable, but we are the one who choose which direction we will take.
For that, I pray you'll become a strong person.  
The decision is in your hand...
You choose!

We always want Allah fulfill our needs and hopes, but are we do the same to Allah?
Is He satisfied? Is Allah satisfied?

...Tepuk dada, Tanya IMAN..


  1. teringat lagu maher zain- Is Allah satisfied ;p

  2. sebab kita manusia.. memang selalu lupa..sebab tu penting ada sahibah2 yang saling memperingatkan..
    semoga terus thabit..amin