Tuesday, March 8, 2011

missing them a lot..

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Post ini lebih kpd skop kekeluargaan.. 
My family.. my home-sweet-home...


   It is quite a long time I didn't go back to my home. Missing them already. But I realized that this is the price for me to pay to become more matured and learn how to stand on my own. Keep looking at their pictures..Try to find the spirit and strength from it..

~aan and hanif~

~ after celebrating hanif's b'day ~
..semua ceria dengan gaya masing2..

~some of family members and relative~

mana lebih diingati? family ke food kat rumah?

   I know that outside there, many people also missing their family badly.. haha..[ who is it??] Whatever it is, there is many thing to keep in mind and to be done right now.. Now is the busiest period for this semester. Assignment.. quizzes.. programs.. and the most important, FINAL EXAM is just around the corner. SO, call them if you're missing them and ask them to pray for you here.. Hmm.. actually, my sister called me just now. So I take this opportunity to talk to all family members. Sharing stories and laugh together. Because when talking with them, I'll feel really happy and keep smiling for the whole day.. haha.. Sangat suka bila call ayah, he will say "ayah tau izzah boleh buat semua tu. Allah ada untuk kita meminta. Doa kat Allah" or "Insya-Allah TANJAH". 

   Tapi takpe kot.. sebab kat sini saya still ada kawan2 yang dapat mengubati kesedihan dan berkongsi suka duka bersama...

Till next time..

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