Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's precious, you know!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

   Sometimes when we are doing something, we feel it is nothing. Why? It is simply because maybe the things we do is just like our routine, or maybe we usually do it continuously.. so,when we had incurred something continuously, they can be had not give you a big impact or effect from doing it in yourself.

    But, have you ever think that the things that nothing for you might be something valuable for others who sees you? Let's us think this deeply...

  1.  My teacher had told me his experiences when he worked or studied (forget it) at Netherlands. One day he prayed at some point of a place. Suddenly one guy almost passed in front of him. But surprisingly when this guy stopped and turn around from him. Then, he walked slowly behind him. What do you think? Why this happened?                                                                                                                
  2. On the nice and windy evening, a mother take her daughter to have a walk in some places. Suddenly her daughter see a man who praying at one side of some other place. She asked her mom.." What is he doing, mummy?".."He's praying, my dear.".. her daughter asked again."I can't get it. What is praying?....bla..bla..." then her mother explaining to her daughter..(both of them are non-Muslim).

  What will you respond about these situation my friends? Let me share what I'm thinking about these.

   For us, as a Muslim we need to do all the pillars in Islam which are praying, fasting, testimony of faith, paying zakah and pilgrimage to Baitullah. Especially for praying 5 times a day, we sometimes feel nothing when performing it. Or maybe we feel that we always do it, so it become our routine only. Nau'zubillah. Hopefully not just like that. We should feel something in our heart. The calming surrounding ourselves when we hear Imam read the verses from Quran, we should have some feeling for it. Because it shows the condition of our faith, the sensitivity of our iman...It is a way we present our gratitude to Allah...when we perform it with the "living faith", the sincere heart, and an action of our "ubudiyyah" to Allah. 

From the first situation, that guy know what my teacher is doing, he understand it (I think), so he respect what my teacher is doing. Then, the second situation...who knows maybe in the future her kid will revert into Islam after see and know about the "praying  action" she saw? Because I strongly believes that from qudwah or a good example from a person could affect someone 's way of thinking..If not today, maybe the effect is in the future... Because time can change someone into a better people. InsyaAllah.

This entry is too long if I continually typing, so I think that's for today's post.

Always start something from yourself, what you feel, you think, and how you value on something.Because it is you yourself who made change for your life..

  • I always remind myself to be motivated and be positive in every matters so that I could influences the good things towards my surrounding...
  • Cost Management quiz is today..
  • It is nice when you're always smile! You'll feel you are a big-hearted person.


  1. salam^^ nice one, luv it. keep on writing dear=)

  2. to mu'minah:
    thanx kak am..
    may Allah bless u...