Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Reality of Life

Assalamualaikum wbt...

 lets be thankful to Allah..

Sedikit perkongsian untuk semua... Ini sangat berharga...I just come back from a camping at ulu yam a day ago. I got many "pearls" there that could act as guidance to a servant who always put hope and rely on something that is Most Powerful,Allah and who have nothing at all if compared to Him. We had the first slot with dr. Azizan Ahmad, the well-known motivator as well as dai'e. The reality of life is the topic that we discuss together. I'm really touched by his speech and hope to be a great and better person in this worldly life. why?

Because our life is not ended here but we will face the second world which is Akhirah world. That is the destination of our life. This world is only the place where we need to be a people who can ONLY put Allah as the only God and no one other than Him. Our aim is to achieve Mardhatillah and become Muttaqin. InsyaAllah.. so, in the way to get Allah's blessing, we should look in ourself, ask yourself "how far is your relationship with Allah?" Is it close or what? because when we comes a step toward Allah, Allah will come to you in a million steps. 

Why is it important to get close to Allah? because Allah is only one who know everythings you need, who understand you deeply, and always by your side no matter what. He always hear you when you are sad, happy, and always give whatever you wish to become true.. He never forget you..even in a second...but we, as His creation what are we going to give and present to Allah as a return? We always hear "bila orang buat baik kat kita, kita pun mesti balas balik kebaikan dia". So in this context, it is like a barter system, right?

you sacrifice something to get something that would benefit onto you. so as in this world, we believe in Allah and do good deeds, in the same time we practice amar ma'ruf nahi munkar among everybody. And believe that Allah will rewards you and choose you into jannah. Insya Allah.

Last word from me, remember that this world is for us to pick as much as "bekalan" before we meet Allah. make sure you bring the greatest one, okey! Be humble and thankful for everything that Allah done for us...
"..sebaik-baik bekalan adalah taqwa.."

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