Saturday, January 8, 2011

waiting for today..

  I like today a lot.. why? because there are an event that I've been waiting for a long long time ago..I'm going to have a camping at ulu yam,gombak.

  After 2 hours having leadership and management class, I hurrying go back to my hostel and do packaging my things to bring there. I also clean up and wipe my compartment so that when I come back from the camping, I don't mess up my mind to do many things...I got a called from one friends from cfs that they're arrived at the main stairs, so I told them to wait anywhere and I'll come in 30 minutes....and we can have our lunch together.

   While waiting the 30 minutes, I move my fingers on the keyboard and starting update my blog.
I wanna share somethings that I get from my morning class today. It is the components of communication..the receiver, the sender, the message and the channel of communications. it is quite interesting to discuss about but since I don't have much time to elaborate, I'll story it later.

  • getting phone call from my father, and i feel happy at this moment. thanks, ayah! I love you..
  • my sister keep calling me says that she is boring...what can I do? we cannot even meet to share stories or entertain one another as we are far away...
  • miss my home...
  • feel like I need to be rush as my friend is waiting, but why I feel relax? problems laa urself..
ok..got to go...All the best for all and don't forget to smile!

precious quote for today:
~ Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump ~

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